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Featuring the Stylish FIRE CASE: Your Leather Folio Cover with Stand for Kindle Fire-

provide your precious Kindle Fire with the finest innovative design and protection

it deserves.With an excellent handcraftsmanship set above and beyond to give

consideration even to the most miniscule elements, the case lets you use your Kindle Fire

with ease and effortless access to all of its buttons, controls and other features. The Fire

is secured within a durable interior frame and has an elastic strap that holds the lid in its

open and closed position.




• Interior frame folds to function as the Kindle Fire stand both vertically and horizontally

• Provide three-step positioning angles for horizontal viewing and display

• Convenient elastic strap holds the lid open or closed

• Allows access to all ports



• Durable and eco-friendly exterior made out of bycast leather material which is easy

to clean and gives reliable protection

• Sturdy interior frame which secures your Kindle Fire within in all corners

• Smoother bycast leather material utilized in the interior of the case

for added protection against scratches and impact

• Thin three strips prevent the standing horizontal position from sliding


Technical Details:

Case for Amazon Kindle Fire Cover 7" Display (2011 Model)

Material: Exceptionally crafted bycast leather material with a smoother

interior for an elegant look and durable protection

Dimensions: 191mm x 121mm

Item Weight: 6 ounces

Viewing Angles: The stand provides 3-step positioning angles for convenient

viewing based on your personal preference

Slim Design - The Signature case is designed to protect your device

without adding bulk

Color:  Black

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